‘Gallery of Smiles’ Exhibition

The brainchild of primary school teacher, Mrs. Gill Byrom, the ‘Gallery of Smiles’ Exhibition provides a simple fundraising initiative for schools or groups. It can easily be adapted to suit individual needs and is beneficial to everyone involved.

The initiative uses self portraits to provide an exciting opportunity for children (and adults) to engage in a fun and creative art activity. It fits perfectly with the Northern Cleft Foundation’s key message of ‘Giving Smiles for Life’.

Children are asked to create a self portrait (in any medium) showcasing their beautiful smiles. Their artwork is then displayed by school in a ‘Gallery of Smiles’ Exhibition, where parents, grandparents and carers are invited to view and purchase their child’s masterpiece.

Along with raising awareness of the Northern Cleft Foundation’s work, the event provides an ideal platform for schools to engage with parents, showcase their children’s artistic abilities, and develop areas of their PSHE curriculum.

How does it work?

Our piloted scheme has proven to be very successful. It involves a whole school approach over a four week period and is a step by step process:

Step One

Contact us at smiles@northerncleftfoundation.co.uk to register your interest in the ‘Gallery of Smiles’ initiative. We will send you a disc outlining the initiative, and giving details of the talk given by NCF representatives in School*.

Step Two

Arrange a school assembly for the following to take place:

  1. Northern Cleft Foundation representatives highlight the work of the charity. Their talk gently encourages children to consider what it must be like to have a disability. It raises awareness in them of differences in access to health care across the world and allows them to know that they can make a difference – in this case through art.*
  2. The fundraising event is outlined by a school representative who subsequently leads the project in school (Teacher, TA, PTA member).

Step Three

Set diary dates set for:

  1. Artwork deadline
  2. ‘Gallery of Smiles’ ExhibitionPortraits can be created over a two week period during class art lessons. The portraits can be exhibited two weeks later to ensure momentum is maintained.

Step Four

  1. Decide on a minimum cost for the artwork (we suggest £2-£5)
  2. Invite parents/grandparents/carers to the Exhibition where they will have the opportunity to buy their child’s portrait and enjoy light refreshments.

Step Five

  1. Collate, mount and display artwork ready for ‘Gallery of Smiles’ Exhibition.
  2. Choose a winning piece of artwork from each class – prizes can be handed out at the Exhibition.

Exhibition Fundraising Opportunities:

The Exhibition is the ideal opportunity to encourage children to be enterprising. They could arrange additional fundraising activities such as:

  • Cake sale
  • Raffle
  • Name the bear

There are several ways a ‘Gallery of Smiles’ fundraising event can be organised and we are happy to work around your requirements. You could, for example, run the event as a competition where the children pay a nominated entry fee and there is an overall prize winner.

Get started

Contact us at smiles@northerncleftfoundation.co.uk to register your interest in the ‘Gallery of Smiles’ initiative and request your introduction disc.

*Our representatives may not always be available to attend an assembly due to other commitments on your preferred dates or because of your location but will be happy to discuss alternative ways of conducting this step.

Gallery of Smiles at St John’s, Padiham

Gallery of smiles

“Having the whole school involved from Nursery to Year 6 generated so much excitement.”

Gallery of Smiles Exhibition

“It was such an easy way to showcase progression in art skills throughout the school.”

Gallery of Smiles Winner

“Awarding class winners, judged by NCF representatives, added to the fun.”

Gallery of Smiles Fundraising

“Although not essential, the Cake Stall, Name the Bear and a Raffle added real excitement to the event.”