One of the great delights of being part of the NCF team is the joy of seeing children operated on in previous years return to clinic; often this is because they have had corrective cleft lip surgery and are...

Runali Bagde

Five month old, Runali, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Dad said, “I give the team number one status for the work done here. Nothing can be improved on. We felt reassured because everyone went about...

Update on Rehan

It was lovely to catch up with Rehan whose cleft lip was corrected in 2015. Now three years old, he returned to have his cleft palate repaired this year and for advice on his speech.


Ishant had a lateral cleft, which meant, unusually, the cleft affected the side of her mouth and cheek, rather than the lip or palate. She never stopped smiling though.


Update on Pappu

We last saw Pappu in 2016 - at that time his story was one of isolation and stigmatisation because of his inability to communicate with his peers and even his teachers. What a difference a year makes!



“I feel very sad” Pappu says, his eyes full of tears. The unfairness is that because of poverty, Pappu’s palate wasn’t repaired much earlier, ideally before he had begun to talk.

Lucky update

Update on Lucky

Last year we met Lucky – one of twins, who had his cleft lip repaired by the team in January 2015. He was much smaller than his brother then, but now he has caught up and is a real...



When Lomesh was born with a cleft lip and palate it was accepted as fate. The family could not afford to seek medical help, so were grateful to hear about the outreach.



Sameer's Mum is thrilled with the result of his surgery. Thank you to the team”, she says, “it is wonderful work.”


Vaishnali Padame

Vaishnali was just 3kg in weight at 3 months of age. Born with a wide cleft lip and palate she had struggled to feed since birth. Her operations will give her the best possible chance to thrive and develop.