Lucky and Kapil are twin boys who live in a village outside Nagpur. Their father is a farm worker who earns 100 rupees [£1] daily. Their mother works long days in the fields too.

Seven members of the family live in cramped conditions in a tiny house and subsist on very meagre resources.

Lucky with his twin brother Kapil

The twins were born early by Caesarian section and it was immediately obvious that one of them could not feed properly.

One could only take milk from a spoon because he had a cleft palate as well as a cleft lip, which affected his ability to suck. They called him Lucky.

The family learned of the NCF’s visit from government doctors in the village. Deeply upset by the stigmatization from other villagers who said she was the cause of Lucky’s problems, his Mum was keen to seek help.

He was seven months old when his cleft lip was operated on. He will return next year for his palate correction. The family was thrilled with the results. Lucky, indeed!

Lucky after his cleft repair operation